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WorldShift v. 1.0.23

Название: world shift
Год выхода: 2008
Жанр: strategy
Разработчик: Black Sea Studios
Издатель: playlogic
Язык интерфейса: RUS/и озвучка RUS
Лекарство: вшито

Описание: Лишь в XXI веке, с началом колонизации солнечной системы, люди осознали, насколько они заблуждались. Рядом с Плутоном был обнаружен странный объект. Попытки изучить его провалились - на это просто не хватило времени, потому что космическое тело неизвестной природы двинулось к Земле. До столкновения учёные успели выяснить, что осколок излучает враждебную энергию - поле, изменяющее всё живое и неживое вокруг. Катастрофа положила конец цивилизации. Спустя тысячи лет ее очаги тлеют в пяти огромных городах, ведущих постоянную борьбу за ресурсы. На диких просторах хозяйничают те, кого космическое излучение изменило навсегда. Идет война, в которой противостоят друг другу технология и магия...

Системные требования:
Установленные патчи:

--v 1.0.16-- * MAJOR Balance pass! All hit-point stats changed dramatically. Many damage and healing related stats were also changed. Overall: the tempo of the fights should be a bit slower, most dungeons should be a bit harder! * Fixed several crashes and desyncs. * Added player rankings and stats for 1v1 Deathmatch games. * Items improving Shaman's Renew got toned down slightly. * Shamans can now drain life from any enemy (not only living creatures). * Brute price was increased with 1 unit point. * The application is now moved to the foreground when a multiplayer game is about to start * Fixed a bug with Master's Feed healing too much. Now it is still as strong after using Demonic Hunger in the * Cult specialization tree. * Adjusted item bonuses affecting crowd control abilities. * Items boosting the Confuse action got rebalanced. * Assassin damage increased. * Assassin proximity bonus adjusted. * Assassin's Expose Target ability now works properly. * Horrify duration reduced to 8 seconds. * Fire lash upgrade is now more expensive and takes longer to finish. * Corruption field damage increased. * Fixed a bug causing some artifacts on the field to disappear. * Fixed a bug causing Shifters to restore target's psi instead of draining it. * Added an icon for Power Overseer and modified the icon of Saling Commander. * Fixed a bug with the icon of the Overseer not changing properly when in multiple selection. * Fixed a wrong character icon in the conversations during the "Ascent" mission. * Dunetown Base: Reduced Frank's psi regeneration rate. * Dunetown Base: Additional artifact now spawns near the boss reinforcements spawn point if both bosses die within 30 seconds. * Dunetown Base: Fixed a bug preventing Adam from healing after the engineers are killed once. * Bloodsport Arena: Fixed a bug causing Reptile to show the name and icon of Battle Yamu or vice versa. * ROM Base: Fixed the names of the megacannon power cells. * Junkyard: Xessk fight is now significantly harder. * Kharum: Minimap pings will stop for the power sources already activated; fixed High Priest's conversation icon. * Kharum: Defeat screen (mission failed) no longer comes up if Ran Boo dies after the ancient device is activated * Kharum: Ran Boo will have exclamation switch above his head if he stood idle for 5 seconds, allowing other players to tell him to follow them (e.g. if the player Ran Boo followed disconnects). * Ancient Corridors: Ancient Smiths' auras now work properly, making the location a bit harder, last boss fight on hard mode significantly harder. * Corrupted Fields: Increased difficulty - increased the number of mobs, added Shaman mobs near the final boss, increased the number of adds when playing in hard mode, increased the health and the mana of the final boss, added * Incinerate Spot ability to the final boss. * Renegades Hideout: final boss tweaks. * Arbiter Fear area slightly reduced, proximity modifiers adjusted to buff the damage, Chain Shot chance increased. * Arbiter damage slightly increased. * Fixed a passability issue in mission "Following the crumbs". * Fixed a bug occasionally preventing players from scrolling the map on start. * Fixed some issues with officers' psi bars in the top left UI. * Boss UI should no longer show up for non-boss units. * Shifting Ray now does not teleport allies and has limited range; cost and cooldown adjusted. * Fixed a bug with item reward slots frames remaining visible on map restart / new map. * Fixed a bug preventing several unit types from dealing critical strikes. * Settings layout changed. * Conversation history button no longer visible on victory screen. * The Portal defense aura now deals 10 dps (was 1.5). * Breeder now appears correctly under the fog of war. * "Revive Leader" switches will no longer be visible on the minimap after they are used. * Shards needed to reset the specializations reduced from 50 to 20. * Reduced item bonuses to drain life chance. * '9' and '0' can now be used as group selection buttons. * The icon of the last queued unit will no longer remain visible in the unit production queue. * Guardian Illusions now have proper icons. * Scorpion mobs and bosses no more use the Ripper's speech-accompanied attack sound. * Added scrollbars on Practice games, Special Location games, Friends List and Chat users. * Recycle no longer remains visible if a game starts while an item is being dragged. * Added deathmatch player stats on inspect. * Added bindings.cfg (in APPDATA\WorldShift\Cfg) which stores the action key bindings (change with care!) * Added a Close button to the Player Inspection window. * Friend authorization request no more duplicated. * Fixed the continuous camera shake when a boss is dead. * Xenolite cannot be destroyed by Incinerate anymore. * Air Strike damage increased slightly. * Holy Shock shouldn't repair structures anymore. * Reduced Nether Nova bonuses from items. * Brute, Harvester and Hatchling confuse durations reduced from 10s to 4s. * Xenoshards yielded by destroyed items now don't depend on probabilities.
--v 1.0.17-- * The technicians in mission Following The Crumbs now have 4 times more HP * Damage reduced of ROM Z-Bots and ROM Rippers * Slight changes to make missions a bit easier
--v 1.0.18-- * Added a "Statistics" button to the lobby * Player profile moved from Settings to Statistics * Added counters for Bosses Killed and Locations Played to the Player Profile * Added Top 100 Deathmatch 1v1 Ladder to the Statistics Window * Mobs (including bosses) will ignore targets extremely close to them * Victory screen will now come up when opponent(s) disconnect before the game starts in multiplayer * Corruption field damage reduced * Infest now spawns 4 hatchlings less * Human defense turrets do more damage * Harvester and trisats paralizing field does a bit less slowdown * Trisats have slightly reduced hit points * Human Assassin has slightly increased damage * Rippers have slightly reduced hit points * Sorcerers have their hit points reduces slightly * High priest freeze has its cooldown increased from 20 to 30 seconds * Fixed bug causing color indexes which are behind closed slots to be taken * Fixed bug in general "language" chat channel filter * Added reinforce option to mission Caught In The Web
--1.0.19-- * Ambience audio track added to all missions * Fixed memory leak that could possibly lead to not enough memory while running the game * Structures has their durability increased * Fixed bug causing player progress not to be saved after in-game reconnect to GameSpy * Specializations needs 50% less xenoshards to reset now * Fixed bugs with various objects seen under fog of war * Various small mission related changes * Added checkpoint before the nesting grounds in mission Into the Lair of the Beast * Added checkpoint before the final battle in mission Following the crumbs * Added private game creation functionality - (Shift+CREATE click) * Garbage Assaulters and Hellfires has hiher damage and hit points * Fixed bug with incorrect cursors * Added checkpoint before the fight with the Guard Droid * Fixed an effect tooltip in the Safari special location * Fixed bug that halved the Brute damage output when the Brute is ignited * Infest spawns 18 hatchlings instead of 20 now * German version: fixed Tharksh’s line about the teleportation receiver in the ‘Ascent’ mission * Sound added to Natures Grace action * Added cursors for attack move and picking items * Added reacts for Corruption and Nature Grace * The Soul Worms are now spawned with the right faction when the Stone Ghost is dead * Disabled Ladder tab in LAN
--v 1.0.20-- * Добавляет новые контрольные точки. * Корректирует игровой баланс. * Добавляет фоновый саундтрек. * Исправляет ряд незначительных ошибок.
--v 1.0.21-- * Added a new special location: "Bridges of Trial”, unlocked by completing "Dunetown Base”. * Individual players can now pause the game up to 3 times in multiplayer games. Added a pause counter to the pause window. * Fixed several issues related to the regional chat channels. Now these channels should work properly again. * Added Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese regional channels. * Limited the acceptable characters in a user channel name. * Fixed several Vista related issues under restricted user accounts, like non-playing movies and forgetting the CD key entered by the user. * Fixed some character portraits: High Priest XLII in "Caught in the Web”, the technicians in "Following the * Crumbs”, the Surgeon in "New Enemy”. * Fixed the effect icons in the Selection Info window when a mob or boss is selected. * Fixed some effect descriptions and icons for the variants of the Confuse action. * Removed the obsolete description identifier that showed when the Tribes’ structure was selected in "New Enemy”. * Fixed an issue related to picking terrain points at bridges. * Units that have died on a bridge will fade out out instead of sinking into the ground. * AoE action decals now correctly represent the area affected. * The conversation lines in story missions are now correctly visible at screen resolution 800x600. * Fixed a bug that caused the cursor not to be changed when selecting items. * Fixed an untranslated ‘Alert’ message box title. * The Statistic window is now hidden immediately on exiting the lobby. * Apostrophes, quotation marks, etc. should appear correctly in the items’ tooltips again. * Addressed some crash-related issues under Vista. * Moved the numerical indication for Power in the selection info window a little to the right (4-digit health values used to overlap its icon sometimes). * Fixed crashes related to incorrect model cache flushing on closing a map. * Sound volume now should be restored to previous levels when switching to/from the game.
--v 1.0.22-- * Устранена ошибка в миссии "Into the Lair of the Beast": главного босса теперь возможно победить. * Осуществлена корректировка игрового баланса. * Улучшена защита от использования читов. * Исправлены ошибки в переводе. * Убраны редкие вылеты игры. * Изменения во внутриигровой ценовой политике. * Другие небольшие исправления.
--v 1.0.23-- * Исправлена проблема, которую случайно добавило предыдущее обновление (v1.0.21). * Исправлена ошибка, связанная с Shifting Ray. * Улучшен искусственный интеллект. * Несколько более незначительных изменений.

Операционная система: XP,Vista,7 Процессор: Pentium 4 - 2,0 ГГц Оперативной памяти: 1000 Мб Свободного места на жестком диске: 1608 Мб Видеокарта: GeForce 6600

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